Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mini pic updates

This is what I have been working on around the house since the Marine has been gone.

It's definitely NOT a complete list, but things I've taken pictures of to send to people to show em what I am doing... life isn't sitting around eating bonbons as a SAHW. hehe.

ORB (oil rubbed bronze) paint on the railings, which I started today. Loads more to do as you can see in the picture. I also have the railings out back, too.

ORB painted trim around front door and on both back and front doors...goodness it needed it BAD. It doesn't look bad in the pics, but trust me it was beyond faded, mismatched, and UGLLLLYYYY. I had painted the doors a happy blue, but it just didn't work with having security doors covering it up. So, ORB works.
Oil Rubbed Bronze, the PERFECT match for this house. 
Check out our colors: creamy yellow, brown, and black. Dark brown trimmed windows that don't match the rest of the trim paint, and black iron railings. 
So, orb, the perfect dark dark brown, almost black with metallic bronze flecks in it. Neither brown nor black. Amazing match and mix for our problem. 

Laundry room ceiling, laundry room painted, trim stained with three coast of dark walnut, (ignore the cove around the ceiling that's ORANGE, it's going buh-byes)  and girly curtains in place.

I've almost lost my mind and started a new project of removing wallpaper in the bathroom. The floral part is gone, now I just have to remove the glue and second paper layer. 
And then prime, paint, and install all the towel bars, tp holder, etc.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Indeed, Fall.

sneak peek

This is a partial view of my newly painted kitchen.The trim has all been stained dark walnut by Rustoleum. The paint color is Cement Gray by Martha Stewart, which is a glidden paint.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

knock knock knock

Another week marks another sitcom to leave us all inspired. However, I don't subscribe to cable and we don't have rabbit ears, so my resources are limited. We watch The Big Bang Theory, Farscape, and The Wonder Years, all of which are found via Netflix, hulu, or dvds/blurays. Therefore, I am expanding on it, and using a different room from The Big Bang Theory; Penny's Apartment. There are so many great spaces on the show and each one is quite unique. Last time I showed Sheldon and Leonard's Living room here. 

So, without further adieu: 

Isn't it so bright and cheery and IKEA-like? I love the bold colors, but I always want to go in there and clean it like Sheldon does in Season One. Penny's apartment is never technically CLEAN to anyone's standards. There are always clothes, shoes, purses etc hanging out in odd places.  So, if you like that in your decor... lol

Coffee table, birch effect


Cushion, black, white


Rug, low pile, multicolor


Pair of curtains, dark lilac


Cushion, pink, multicolor


Custom loveseat, Leaby yellow


Swivel chair, Krokek


This would just be a fun place to live... and I chose colors that are currently available to purchasers, and coordinate well with each other while also having a slight bounce of colors that don't coordinate. It's the perfect PENNY apartment pieces. I hope yall like it :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Border Patrol in the garden

Patio and border patrol. We bought 93 landscape blocks from Craigslist this past Saturday. I figured they would look awesome between our actual yard and our mini wooded fenced in forest. They look amazing where they are but alas, the Marine thinks they should map out some garden beds that wont be used until next SPRING. But since he is leaving for more training soon, I might win this argument since I was the one to also unload them all...OUCHY!
So, what should I do, keep the border and finish it or make raised garden beds for next year?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Is it Hot in Cleveland?

Not traditionally, at least for 9 months out of the year, it's not. I grew up 60 miles east of Cleveland for 18 years until I graduated High School. If there's anything about Cleveland is it's lack of heat and abundance of snow, ice, cooler temperatures. However the show that produced the name, is hilarious in the Betty White tells it like it is kinda sitcom show. I watched the first season on Netflix and fell in love with it's quirkiness and the adorable midwestern decorating that feels like home to me.

How to get their look:

1. Couch from Pottery Barn of course.


$1,499.00 – $1,799.00

2. Chair on Left Pottery Barn again



3. Chair on Right Pottery Barn.
 (I'm sensing a trend among set designers)


$649.00 – $899.00

4. Coffee Table: Overstock
Cable Coffee Table $189.99

5. Side table



6. Rug Pottery Barn


$199.00 – $1,199.00 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm not crazy, my mother has me tested.

So I am entertaining a new idea based upon my favorite television shows. 
I'm going to call it SITCOM SATURDAYS! 
The first episode will come from The Big Bang Theory. 

Our Favorite SHOW.
Favorite set design.
In honor of the series premier last week,  I'm going to show you how to get their style of GEEK-CHIC.
It's adorable.

1. The COUCH:  
Pottery Barn's



2. The Chair
Pottery Barn's 
$999.00 – $1,299.00

3. The Rug

Handmade Heritage Birj Red/ Navy Wool Rug (6' x 9')

$251.99 on

4. Card Catalog
695.00 USD

5. Coffee Table

Crate and Barrel

Rivet Coffee Table


6. Interactive White Board

7. Sheldon's Pillow.
Crate and Barrel

Riley Multi King Pillow Sham

$19.95 reg. $29.95

Decor around the apartment: $12.99 $25.99