Saturday, October 15, 2011

knock knock knock

Another week marks another sitcom to leave us all inspired. However, I don't subscribe to cable and we don't have rabbit ears, so my resources are limited. We watch The Big Bang Theory, Farscape, and The Wonder Years, all of which are found via Netflix, hulu, or dvds/blurays. Therefore, I am expanding on it, and using a different room from The Big Bang Theory; Penny's Apartment. There are so many great spaces on the show and each one is quite unique. Last time I showed Sheldon and Leonard's Living room here. 

So, without further adieu: 

Isn't it so bright and cheery and IKEA-like? I love the bold colors, but I always want to go in there and clean it like Sheldon does in Season One. Penny's apartment is never technically CLEAN to anyone's standards. There are always clothes, shoes, purses etc hanging out in odd places.  So, if you like that in your decor... lol

Coffee table, birch effect


Cushion, black, white


Rug, low pile, multicolor


Pair of curtains, dark lilac


Cushion, pink, multicolor


Custom loveseat, Leaby yellow


Swivel chair, Krokek


This would just be a fun place to live... and I chose colors that are currently available to purchasers, and coordinate well with each other while also having a slight bounce of colors that don't coordinate. It's the perfect PENNY apartment pieces. I hope yall like it :)

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